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Official Selections – NYC Food Film Festival

To view the NYC Food Film Festival Trailer CLICK HERE

Beef Is Bueno
Dirs. Ginger Gentile & Gerardo Brossy 3:30 mins. website
Argentinians consume more beef than any nation on the planet. There’s a reason for that – their beef is bueno. 

Big Night
Dirs. Campbell Scott & Stanley Tucci – 1hr40 mins (screening out of competition) website
Two brothers try to save their failing Italian restaurant by throwing a party for Louis Prima. Stars Stanley Tucci, Tony Shalhoub, Minnie Driver, Isabella Rossellini, Ian Holm, Marc Anthony, and Liev Schreiber. Screening out of competition. 

Buttermilk: It Can Help
Dir. Joe York – 13 mins. website
A profile of the Cruze Dairy Farm in Knoxville, TN and a love letter to buttermilk. 

Dir. John D. Reilly – 2:20 mins. 
A nail-biting super-short thriller about a stalk of celery and a knife. 

Come Have An Omelette With Me
Dir. Stephen Neary – 1 min. website
An animated super-short that asks you to come have an omelette. 

Eat Or We Both Starve
Dir. Joe York – 13 mins. website
A portrait of a Mississippi catfish joint, Taylor Grocery. 

Eat Your Fill
Dir. Mark Irving – 13 min. website
A man embarks on his annual mission to eat every menu item at the Wisconsin State Fair that is either deep-fried or on a stick. 

Food Cops
Dir. Neil Orman – 4 min. website
A hamburger and a hot dog hunt for a criminal on the streets of New York. 

In The Kitchen With Marcus Samuelsson
Dirs. George Motz & Netta Nathaniel – 4 min. (screening out of competition) 
A short chat with Marcus at his flagship midtown NYC restaurant Aquavit. 

Know Your Mushrooms
Dir. Ron Mann – 73 mins. website
The miraculous, near-secret world of fungi is revealed in Ron Mann’s latest documentary. With an opening sequence (scored by the Flaming Lips) that will blow your mind. 

Dir. Allard Wertenbrink – 25 mins. website
A behind-the-scenes look at how canned mandarin wedges are processed in China and Spain. 

Mr. Okra
Dir. T.G. Herrington website
A portrait of a man that sells produce from his rolling farmstand on Rampart Street in New Orleans. 

Mutton: The Movie
Dirs. Joe York & Matthew Graves – 17 mins. website
Joe and Matthew take a trip to Owensboro, KY to profile the regional favorite barbeque – Mutton. 

New Jersey’s Red October
Dir. Nancy O’Mallon – 27 mins. website
Nancy returns to the festival with her latest doc, this one celebrating the cranberry. 

The Food Hypnotist
Dir. Jerry & Orrin Zucker – 3:20 mins. website
In this episode from the popular webseries Jerry tries to cure his addiction to junk food. 

The Power of the Peep
Dir. – Matthew Beals – 42 mins. website
The story of the past, present, and future of a beloved marshmallow treat. 

The Sacred Food
Dir. Jack Pettibone Riccobono – 6 mins. 
A short doc about the Ojibwe Native Americans of Northern Minnesota and the wild rice they consider a sacred gift from the Creator. 

Chef Rosario Del Nero and the Italian Art of Food
Dir. George Motz – 7 mins. (screening out of competition) 
A visit to the Buitoni test kitchen to watch the corporate chef in action. His passion for Italian food is undeniable. 

The Sandwich Thief
Dir. Adam Ababda – 8 mins. 
A fight over a sandwich leads to an unexpected conclusion. 

Save The Honey Bees
Dirs. Jon Kane & Emily Tobey – 7 min. (screening out of competition) website
A lesson in Colony Collapse Disorder from the folks at Stone Barns Center For Food & Agriculture. 

Sixty Hands
Dirs. Randy Mace, Robert Howell, Chad Berry, and Aaron Thornton – 20 min. 
A unique glimpse into the production of Patron Tequila. 

Street Chows
Dirs. Adly Rizal & Hazlin Salam – 22 min. website
Some of the best food and the soul of Malaysian cuisine can be found in it’s street carts and small eateries. More gonzo food porn from last year’s super-short winner (Sloppiest Burger in Malaysia). 

Vive La Food
Dir. Raphael Hitzke – 13 mins. website
Dual portraits of two French chefs who have settled in Sacramento, CA. 

24 Hours, 24 Million Meals: Feeding NYC
Dir. Ryszard Hunka – 45 mins. website
A fascinating look behind the scenes at how New York City is fed. Features footage from Hunts Point Market and a truffle purchase by Daniel Boulud that resembles a drug deal. 

Dir. Lou Jane Temple – 2 mins. 
A super-short ode to 4 Thanksgiving dinners on the same day. 

This list is subject to change. It may be added to (or subtracted from) without notice.

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