How long does an air conditioning unit last?

The air conditioner, like any electronic device, has its lifetime. Irregular inspections or improper use may result in damage to the units or incorrect operation, which will increase operating costs. Proper care of the devices is a guarantee of long-term operation. How long does an air conditioning unit last?

The amount of cooling capacity of the air conditioner and energy consumption during operation can be reduced by isolating the windows from solar radiation, since the greatest heat gains come from it. It is also worth installing blinds in the windows or gluing reflective foils, which reduces the amount of heat entering the room, and well insulate the ceilings above and below the room and use such light sources that emit the least heat (the least favorable in this respect are ordinary bulbs ). Such action will reduce the operation of the device, which is the main indicator of its service life.

Air conditioner maintenance

Air conditioners, like all appliances, require regular maintenance and inspections. Only an efficient system fulfills its function and provides all users with adequate thermal comfort. Most manufacturers recommend that inspections be carried out twice a year – before and after the cooling season. However, if you use the air conditioner throughout the year, e.g. by supporting central heating or heating rooms in spring and autumn, it is worth servicing the device more often. It is the responsibility of every user to ensure that the pre-filters of the indoor unit of the air conditioner are clean. It is on them that all dirt and dust in the air settles.

How long does an air conditioning unit last?

How to care for filters and other parts of air conditioners?

The pre-filters of the air conditioner indoor units are usually located at the front of the unit behind the front flap or from above. The filters should be gently washed under warm running water. A sponge can be used for this.

During the intensive operation of the air conditioner, e.g. in the summer heat, the condition of the filters should be checked at least once every two weeks. Of course, after the cooling or heating season, such frequent inspection is no longer required. Also remember to contact your installer immediately if you have any doubts.

 We should clean or replace these parts at least once every three months. Remember that dirty filters lose their properties, residual impurities can also lead to inhibition of air flow through the radiator, which will result in higher power consumption and increased operating costs. Maintaining care for filter replacement can extend the life of the device by up to 2 years.

The average service life of an air conditioner is three to ten years and depends on the components used and the regularity of service inspections. Air conditioners that have a longer life span are more expensive.



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