How to block a contact on iPhone?

Blocking a number is often the only way to effectively break off contact with an obtrusive person, e.g. ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. How to block a contact on iPhone?

How to block contact in iPhone?

There are three ways to block a selected contact or number on your iPhone: via the Phone application, via the FaceTime application, in Messages.

  • Blocking a number in the Phone application aWe enter the Phone application and select the “Recent” view. Next to the selected number, select the icon with “and” in a circle, scroll down the screen and select the “Block this person” option:
  • Blocking a number in the FaceTime application In the FaceTime application, do the same: next to the number or contact you want to block, click the “i” icon in a circle, then scroll down the screen and select “Block this person”.
  • Blocking a number in Messages In Messages, we proceed in the same way: if we were exchanging text messages with a given person, we enter the conversation and click on the “and” icon. Then select the bar with the number / name and contact name, slide down to the very bottom of the screen and select “Block this person”.
How to block a contact on iPhone?

Block unknown numbers in iOS 13

To use this option, you must have iOS 13. This version is currently available in public beta – the release of the stable release is scheduled for autumn 2019.

If you already have a trial version of iOS 13, you can activate the option to silence unknown callers now. It is very simple – just switch one option in the phone’s settings.

To block unknown numbers on an iPhone with iOS 13, enter the Settings app and then select the Phone tab. Here, you’ll find a new switch called Mute unknown callers.

By default, this option is disabled. Turning it on will only allow calls from numbers that we have added to our contacts. All calls from numbers outside the address book will be automatically ignored. If we have enabled voicemail, such calls will be immediately forwarded there.

To unblock a previously blocked caller, do the same. Under “Block this person,” you’ll find the “Don’t block this person” button.



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